Meet The Band

Originated in 2008, Pocketful 'A' Change (PfAC) has lived up to its name. It has been a revolving door of members. Formed by Singer/Songwriter Walter Hugo (Jon), the band started weaving its way though the Minneapolis scene. It started as more of an electric project and has 'CHANGED' to more of an acoustic/folk/americana sound. Pocketful 'A' Change has evolved into a band that is not to be missed. We added J in 2015 and Brad has switched to a blend of mandolin and drums around the same time. The rhythm section is tight and funky. In 2016 Tina joined in on the fun playing her violin. We continue to write and develop original works and sprinkle in a cover or two. Look out 'A' CHANGE is a comin'! For Booking Information please see our Contact page.

Jon Walter Hugo

Jon has the critical role of guitar, vocals, harmonica, and train whistle. Someome has to do all the work. He started PfAC with Brad many many years ago, but was unable to get any momentum because of the short lived rolls of some of the members. Finally in 2015 things fell into place and PfAC found their sound. Pooling the members money together they quickly hit the studio and recorded , Change 'A' Coming.

John Pietila

J. as he is known by his friends started as the new bassest in February 2015, he quickly fell into his role and helped the band morph into the sweet sound it is today. Dr. J's day job is as a chiropractor, owning and operating Pietila Chiropractic, LLC since 2002. One of his big accomplishments was working as one of the doctors on the the Italian National Soccer Team at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Outside of work and playing in the band, J. likes to spend time with his family and fly his plane.

Kevin Harris

Started with PfAC in October 2017 as the drummer. Coming from a long history of heavey metal drumming, he has enjoyed slowing things down and developing a new style and techniques.

Meet our Guests

Musicians who have been in the band, helped us record "Change 'A' Coming," played showes with us, or just drop by from time to time.

Brad Notenberg

Brad started with Jon in the beginning as a mandoline player. After members started and left, he found himself playing both mandoline and drums. Many of the current songs on our CD, Change 'A' Coming, showcase Brad's drum-mandoline talant as he plays both simultaneously.

Clem Fleming

Clem is a talented musician who started with the band as a bassest many years ago. After moving out of the state he was able to join back in on his homemade baritone guitar. He was a big help during the recording of Change 'A' Coming, as well as during our CD release party. Clem is the composer of the hit song alamo.

Tina Eld

Tina started with the band playing the violin after a chance collaboration with Jon on a song for a mutual friends wedding in August 2016. She fell into place quickly adding her twist to each song. Tina is a busy girl playing with 4 bands. PfAC struck gold adding her to the line up.

Kris Schlueter

Started with PfAC in November 2017 as a temporary bass player while Dr. J. was out on paternity leave. Kris has over 20 years of bass experience, with the height of his carear playing in the band Digby & Jones.